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 Modil creates your modular and corona safe invironment.

Protect yourself, your customers, and workers and help save lives.

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Bistro. For your Restaurant, Bar, Café & Events


Couple coming to dinner? You just put 2 Modil bistros together without glass. Are they 2 people who come to business lunch? In that case you place 2 modular glass partitions and create a safe environment in 5 seconds.

Business lunch with 3 people

An international company or a business lunch? Place the glasses everywhere between each person. Add the linen table runner and your guests are immediately seated in a stylish setting with respect for everyone's health.

Meeting friends or family

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just a drink... Friends can meet each other again, together but still separately. By creating separate sections your company dines in complete safety. For a family that's coming to dinner, just take away the dividers.

Buro. for workplaces co-working spaces and meeting rooms

One on one

Nice desk for each of your employees. Enough space to work and to put all the documents they need. 

Meeting mode

Co- working on a project. Together. Everyone can meet and work.

Corona safe workspace

Modil desks provide social and physical distancing. At all times you can add or remove the plexi screens.

Mix & match

Modil x your brand.

We love to match your company image. Just contact us to discover the possibilities.

We care for people. We want them enjoy every minute of life as free and healthy as possible. We strive to make our creative designs accessible to the largest possible audience. 


Bistro & Buro collection



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